Also known as the Philadelphia Hall of Fame, The Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame Foundation was founded in May 2002. A Pennsylvania 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, our mission, in brief, is to develop a sports hall of fame for Philadelphia as a means to preserve and promote the rich history of Philadelphia sports. Ultimately, we will build a museum in the city to honor our sports history.

Philadelphia boasts an amazing sports history, dating to the mid-1800’s.  The story of sports in Philadelphia is a tapestry of people, places, legends and lore.  It includes true icons from Connie Mack to Wilt Chamberlain, Steve Van Buren to Joe Frazier, Bill Tilden to Julius Erving.  Legendary venues include Baker Bowl and the Palestra, Shibe Park and Boathouse Row, Merion Golf Club and Franklin Field.  Historic teams such as the 1929 Athletics, the 1960 Eagles, the 1967 76ers and the Broad Street Bullies dot this history along with landmark events and traditions such as Dempsey-Tunney I, Bobby Jones’ Grand Slam at Merion, the Dad Vail Regatta, the Army-Navy Game, the Big 5 and the Penn Relays. 

Until the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame was established in May 2002, there has been no central organization to preserve and promote this outstanding legacy. 

Established as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation, the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame’s multi-faceted mission extends well beyond honoring the region’s sports history.  Using the common bond of sports to help fund its community programs, the foundation helps area youth in numerous of ways.  These community programs directly influence the lives of young people in the area.  At this grass roots level, local youth are exposed to and educated about the tremendous history of sports in Philadelphia.  With the fervor of the Philadelphia fan base, this broad-based, mass appeal is the prime directive behind all of the Hall of Fame’s programs and initiatives.  From youngsters at a Hall of Fame sponsored camp to grandparents reliving their fondest memories at an interactive exhibit, the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame with its multi-generational appeal is unlike any organization in the area.

The Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame recognizes the Philadelphia sports fan as its core audience.  This robust fan base, combined with key organizational and institutional support, forms the essence of the Foundation’s mission.  The duality of this approach forms the basis of all Hall of Fame initiatives.

Mission Statement

The Philadelphia Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit association dedicated to honoring those individuals, teams, events, organizations and venues prominent in the history of athletics in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. The Hall recognizes the timeless intertwining of sport into the fabric of everyday life. With this as a credo The Philadelphia Hall of Fame is devoted to honoring those persons, places, organizations and events that have made outstanding contributions through inspiring achievement in both professional and amateur sports while forever enriching the memories fans.

As its mission, the Hall is committed to:

  • Through enshrinement, honoring, those individuals who had exceptional careers as participants, coaches, mangers, owners and supporters.
  • Memorializing athletic venues of historical import.
  • Honoring organizations prominent in the Philadelphia area for contributions to professional or amateur sports.
  • Identifying those long-standing establishments that have served to enhance the sporting experience for fans.
  • Commemorating defining moments in the history of Philadelphia sport.
  • Acquisition, primarily through donation and bequest, of artifacts, memorabilia, works of art, literature, photographs and related materials that focus on the history of sport in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.
  • Public edification by establishing a permanent Hall of Fame and Museum in the Delaware Valley.
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