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Eligibility for Induction To be considered for nomination to the Philadelphia Hall of Fame, a prospective candidate must meet the following criteria:


  • Have gained prominence during an exceptional career in professional, collegiate, amateur or high school sports as a player, coach, manager, official, owner, writer, broadcaster, or any special category as established by the Board of Trustees.
  • Be a person who was a member of a team from the Philadelphia area at the time of his or her prominence, or be a person native to the Philadelphia area who has made a noteworthy contribution to sports or who otherwise has been closely identified with sports in the Philadelphia area.
  • In the case of a player, the individual must have been out of the particular sport as a competitor for a period of five years. However, in the event of a death an individual is immediately eligible.


All members of an entire team for a single season (or a group of consecutive seasons are eligible.) The entry will be as the entire team identified by year(s), not as individual players, however, individual players and coaches will be identified in the entry.

  • The team must be from the Philadelphia area
  • The team must have won its league or conference championship the season for which it was nominated (or at least one league or conference championship if nominated for consecutive seasons).


Arenas, stadiums, fields, ballparks and other sporting venues are eligible.

  • The venue must be in the Philadelphia area.
  • The venue must have substantial notoriety, preferably with a national presence.


Defining moments in sport and specific events of singular importance are eligible.

  • The event must take place in the Philadelphia area or involve a team or individual from the Philadelphia area.
  • In most cases the event involves a single individual. If the event is a team championship, the team will be entered as a team entry instead of an individual event.


Organizations that have been closely identified with sports in the Philadelphia area are eligible. These include but are not limited to clubs, business entities, institutions, associations and the like.

  • The organization must reside in the Philadelphia area.
  • The organization must have substantial notoriety in the Philadelphia area for contributions to professional, collegiate, amateur or high school sports and/or have a long-standing reputation as a vehicle to enhance the sporting experience for fans
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